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Paul ChristopheR

Throughout his life, Paul Christopher has personally and professionally indulged his creative interests through fields as varied as architecture and construction design to fashion and beauty.  Of his many interests, however, the most consistent outlet for his artistic expression has been painting.  In his early life, he used painting as a balm, a secret – almost sacred – form of healing.

Paul Christopher was always drawn to abstract art. From an early age, he pushed boundaries and rejected labels. That streak of independence is reflected in his art.  Paul does not want to manipulate observers of his work.  He believes that the power of abstract art is that it is the great equalizer.  A million viewers, each with a million stories, will see something different; and each viewpoint is valid and whole as an act of self reflection and liberation. Although he paints from a deeply personal place, Paul Christopher believes each of his pieces is imbued in some way with a universal sentiment. Pairing original poetry alongside his artwork allows Paul to combine two modalities of expression into one concise artistic thought. The poetry comes while Paul is creating his paintings. He shares one verse with the world and gives the complete poem to whoever purchases the piece.

It is through his ever expanding vision of the creative process that he continues to cultivate a deep appreciation for the transformative properties of art. Paul Christopher believes that through art we can all learn about and love our true selves.